Protect Yourself Against Car Key Burglaries

A car key burglary is when a criminal is only focused on stealing your car keys from your home in order to steal your car. This can be done by either fishing through the letterbox or by breaking into your home and removing the car keys.

It is important for any home owner to take simple steps to improve their home security and deter potential intruders. Criminals normally go for easy targets so the harder you make it for them the more likely that they will not bother. We are going to go through some of the ways you can make your home and vehicle more secure against this type of crime.

  1. Fishing – This is when a criminal will use some type of pole with a hook attached to reach into your home through your letterbox in an attempt to grab car keys off a nearby table. This method has a very easy solution. By installing a letterplate cover or mail bag it will prevent criminals from being able to use this method (see video below)
  2. Garages – If you have a garage then this is a great way to protect your car, if criminals cannot see your car then they will not target your home for a car key burglary. You can also add more security to your garage by using a Garage Lock 
  3. Always ensure that your car doors, sunroof and boot are locked
  4. Keep your car keys out of sight. Criminals are more likely to try and enter a home if they can visibly see the car keys so avoid putting them on key hooks, kitchen worktops, hall tables.
  5. Use a steering wheel lock. This is a good visual deterrent as the criminals can see straight away your car is not an easy target
  6. Installing a tracker in your car may not prevent your car being stolen but it will help in recovering it
  7. Using Outdoor Lighting is a great and simple deterrent as it will bring attention to the burglar which in most cases will make them leave
  8. Always remember to lock all your windows and doors. Upgrading to higher standard locks that either TS007 (3 star) or Sold Secure Diamond Standard (SS312) is something we would recommend to ensure your home is well protected
  9. Adding Sash Jammers to your uPVC doors/windows is something very simple but provide great additional security

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