Security Tips For New Years Eve

The Christmas period and week leading into New Years can be the most precarious for homeowners. Homes are full of expensive items and a sense of festive well being can trick people into becoming lackadaisical when it comes to their home security.

Unoccupied homes are a big attraction for opportunistic burglars on New Years Eve as they know a lot of people will be out celebrating at various New Years Eve parties. Unfortunately for homeowners homes on December 31st are 24% more likely to be broken into than on any other day. (Aviva Insurance)

Safe and Secure

Whether you are throwing a party, attending a party or having an early night, make sure your New Years Eve is a safe and secure one. Here are some of Home Secure’s top tips for New Years Eve.

  • It is becoming a major occurrence for burglars to scout out their targets via social media these days. Showing off your brand new laptop on Facebook or casually mentioning you’ll be away all weekend are food and drink to modern burglars. They will trawl Twitter and Facebook timelines looking for clues on their next target. Only share things with your most nearest and dearest. Do not accept friend request from strangers. Turn your location feature OFF!
  • When leaving your house unoccupied over the New Years celebrations make sure to check your security features. Make sure windows and doors are locked securely and whatever you do DO NOT forget to set your burglar alarm. If you forget to set your alarm the day or night of a burglary then it could affect your home insurance claim.
  • In the build up to holidays such as Christmas and New Years your letterbox will take a hammering! Christmas cards, invitations, people knocking etc all take a toll on our letterboxes. Burglars will take advantage of the increase of people coming up to your property and may want to peer inside your letterbox to see what they can find. They will for the most part be searching for your house and car keys. The letterbox can become the most vulnerable part of your home if you do not secure it properly. Look for things to reinforce your front door such as anti snap letterboxes or letterbox restrictors.
  • If you do venture out for New Years Eve assign someone as a designated driver. Drink driving is an all year round offence but there is a definite spike over the Christmas and New Year period. DO NOT drink excessively, and not at all if you are driving. Make sure you have booked a taxi so as not to be tempted to run you or your friends anywhere at the last minute. Do not be tempted to get up early the next day and drive somewhere if you have been drinking into the early hours. The alcohol will still be in your system and may well impair your driving.

See here for Drink driving and the legal alcohol limit’

If you are thinking about upgrading your letterbox then check out our video below on how to replace your current uPVC letterbox:

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