Should We Be Scared Of Smart Home Technology?

A lot of our customer’s are enquiring about smart home security solutions. A newer breed of homeowner want more from their security systems these days. Smart home technology is the new trend in town and a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon already. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Will it replace current security solutions? More importantly, is it safe?

Do People Trust Smart Tech?

Many people have said it is not the cost of new smart home technology that is putting them off but rather its helplessness when it comes to cyber attacks. The dystopian vision of artificial intelligence robots taking over our lives is not what keeps people up all night, it’s the thought of these new smart technologies being hacked by criminals rendering them useless.

Whilst smart home technology such as bluetooth door locks and security cameras are designed to protect the occupant and his/her property, in reality they could be having the opposite effect. There have been countless stories of security systems being hacked by tech savvy criminals. The internet of things has given cyber criminals a foot in the door when it comes to people’s privacy. As most people live their lives online and give up vital information it doesn’t take much effort for a determined hacker to prise important data from your online network.

Stay One Step Ahead

Your living room could be a hot bed of illegal activity. Hackers can take advantage of the vulnerabilities of your home tech. Smart TV’s, tablets, Alexa devices, smart bulbs, internet-connected security cameras, printers and even baby monitors are all susceptible to hacking.

To protect yourself against hacking then take these three proactive steps:

  1. If you have internet connected devices in the house then make sure you regularly update them to the latest software specs.
  2. Many people have extremely weak passwords. Opt for random words with multiple letters and symbols that will be impossible to guess.
  3. Encrypt your files to deter hackers getting information from laptops or other devices were you may store sensitive data such as bank details.

How to create passwords for online security

Problematic For Women

Another major criticism that has started to gather momentum is that smart home technology is reinforcing gender roles and aiding domestic violence. Web connected devices are being used by abusive partners to spy on and harass their other half.

Many people have accused smart technology of trapping women in their own homes. As the husband will more than likely be the one to install and implement the internet connected devices they will then have sole control over every decision. Whether it be what temperature the room should be or what the smart camera should be recording. There have even been instances of husband’s locking their wives in the house whilst they’re at work.

Smart home devices should be making life more convenient and stress free, but a small section of people are using these new technologies to cause mental distress to their partners and commit crimes. It just goes to show that we shouldn’t fear technology itself but rather the people that exploit and abuse it.

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