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6 Handy Ways to Secure Your Home This Spring

Burglars and opportunistic thieves seem to come out of the woodwork when Spring has sprung. They appear when the sun is shining and take advantage of people’s laid back attitude; unlocked doors and open windows are what these opportunistic criminals are looking for. Stay Safe Whilst Sunbathing The sun and warm weather in general are major pull factors for people to leave their homes. The hot weather brings with it home security risks. Simple pleasures such as sunbathing are fraught with unwanted dangers. If you are venturing out in your... Read More


Security Tips for When the Clocks Go Forward

Brexit may be in our midst but at least the clocks go forward to officially signify the start of the British Summertime. For those of you that are unsure the clocks will go forward on Sunday 31st March 2019, Mother’s Day! The sun will hopefully show its face in the coming months allowing Brits to enjoy the outdoors whilst topping up their tans. However, it’s important to keep on top of your home security during this seasonal crossover. Daylight Saving Time The Summer Time Act is over a hundred years... Read More


How To Reduce False Alarms In The Home

A home security alarm system is shown to decrease the likelihood of a break in on your property. Burglars choose the path of least resistance and so security measures such as CCTV, security lights, burglar alarms etc all work in tandem to keep your property safe. Burglar alarms alert your neighbours and local police force that your home has been breached, reducing the risk of further damage. Whilst this is a good thing it can be frustrating when your security alarm is set off accidentally. Reasons Although it may be... Read More


Why You Should Mark Your Property

When a burglar enters your property they are generally on the lookout for easy to find valuable items that are effortlessly transportable and can be immediately sold on. The holy grail of stolen loot is of course money, with jewellery being a close second. Portable electrical goods are also sought after by burglars as they can easily be sold on for a decent profit. When it comes to things like digital tablets, laptops, smartphones etc you can take pro active preventative measures to make sure that you can get your... Read More


UK Saw a Rise in Overall Theft in 2018

Crimes such as burglary and theft in general usually get reported accurately. These types of offences are well reported by the public and the police leading to very accurate statistics. Crime stats in England and Wales have shown that there has been an overall increase in thefts in 2018. This goes against the accepted long term trend that theft has been in decline over the last decade. Reasons Cuts to police forces up and down the country has seen a spike in unsolved thefts. Unfortunately, many other crimes have saw... Read More


Top 10 Safest UK Postcodes

MoneySuperMarket Survey An interesting recent survey from the price comparison site MoneySuperMarket.com has revealed the postcodes in the UK with the lowest levels of theft. They analysed home insurance claims throughout the UK and as you can see in our infographic we’ve decided to highlight the T0p 10 safest UK postcodes in regards to burglary and theft. Do you live in one of these areas? If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these postcode areas then congratulations! Especially those who live in the number one spot of... Read More

What Are The Punishments For Burglary?

The main deterrent for burglars should be the prospect of imprisonment. The loss of one’s liberty is usually enough to scare a person into living their lives within the law. However, people commit burglary and theft for all sorts of reasons. Easy money, drug addiction, poverty, greed, there is no one definitive motive why people risk their freedom to steal someone’s belongings. What Does The Law Say? When it comes to burglary and theft the law has different categories and sentences to judge and punish the perpetrators. It all depends... Read More


How To Protect Your Shed From Burglars

Shed security should be high up on your list of priorities. Obviously, your house takes precedent over everything else when it comes to home security but your shed or outbuildings should be a close second. In most cases a shed will be unoccupied, meaning no one actually dwells within it, i.e, lives there. This will embolden a burglar to try and gain access to any shed or outbuilding as they are at a lower risk of being disturbed. However, just because your family members do not occupy your shed it... Read More

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7 Security Tips You Should Know

Crime affects us all, especially burglary. Everyone has either been the victim of a robbery or knows someone who’s had a personal item stolen from them. Building sites, offices, flats, homes, cars, garages are all prime targets for opportunistic thieves. Being alert and vigilant only gets you so far –  a quick run down of our top security tips will give you a head start on the burglars. Our Top 7 Security Tips 73% of burglars use the front door to enter a property. Check your front and back doors... Read More