The Advantages of Having uPVC Windows and Doors

Tradesmen, builders and customers all want the same thing when it comes to their windows and doors. They want durability, low cost, decent security and low maintenance. Furthermore, when it comes to glazers or joiners they want a material they can work with that is easily installed.  uPVC fittings and fixtures tick all these boxes which is why it is the number one material used on windows and doors throughout the UK.


  • First and foremost it is of paramount importance to have a certain level of security when it comes to your windows and doors. Most uPVC fixtures are reinforced with steel making them quite solid to begin with. You can easily retro fit multipoint locks and high security euro cylinders to your doors and uPVC locking mechanisms and restrictors to your windows.
  • Once you have installed your uPVC windows and doors they will last an extremely long time. uPVC can last upwards of 30 years if you buy from reputable companies that have guarantees. Double glazed uPVC windows are more temperamental so look out for various signs such as condensation and increased draughts. Replace the rubber gasket around your frames if you start to see these signs also.
  • Energy efficiency throughout the home is top of the list for many people. Not only do you want to save money but you want to help the environment also. uPVC is fully recyclable and has been shown to release less toxins into the environment compared to other materials such as aluminium.
  • The money factor is a major plus point when it comes to uPVC windows and doors. High quality uPVC keeps the cold out and the warmth in making you less reliant on your internal heaters; which in the long run saves you money on energy bills. Timber frames can expand and contract depending on what time of year it is whereas uPVC frames will hold fast and keep the heat in regardless of the season.
  • Life is short and so the less time you spend on maintenance the better. uPVC frames are easy to clean as they are non porous and so don’t take on any moisture. As they are weatherproof they will not warp or rot and a quick wipe down with some uPVC cream cleaner is all it takes to leave your windows and doors looking gleaming and brand new all year round.
  • Double glazed uPVC windows are great at reducing noise pollution. To block out unwanted noise whether it be passing cars or noisy neighbours double glazed windows are the only option. Furthermore, as there are two panes of glass, or in the case of triple glazed windows three, it is virtually impossible for an intruder to break through to gain access to your home.

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