Top Tips To Prevent Convenience Store Crime

We all know someone who’s been the victim of a burglary. The good thing is that it might happen just once in a lifetime. However, convenience store owners might be the victim of theft every month, in some cases every week. The disheartening part of this crime is that someone may be the victim of violence and intimidation just for trying to earn a living. To compound this even further, data suggests that 95% of burglaries and robberies are not solved.

Corner Shop Crime

Most local or corner shops provide a great service to the community. The very fact they are called ‘convenience stores’ sums up their appeal perfectly. They are a great way for local, often elderly, people to buy groceries and use certain banking facilities without having to trek all the way into town. However, they are often targeted by unscrupulous criminals who see them as an easy target.

The types of thefts committed in stores ranges from violent and organised cash machine robberies all the way down to shoplifting. In fact, one in five reported thefts last year was linked to shoplifting; which in turn meant that on average convenience stores lost £1,739 per store.

In most cases verbal and physical abuse was used against staff by thieves. Shockingly the stats paint a dim picture when it comes to weapons used in robbery incidents. There were 3,690 incidents where a weapon was used :

  • 64% knife
  • 19% other weapon (i.e, axe or hammer)
  • 17% firearm (imitation or real)


  • CCTV is a great way to monitor your store or business. Thieves will be reluctant to target certain shops if they know you have a working CCTV security system. Get security cameras professionally installed and make sure you know how to use them.
  • Train your staff to spot the signs. If you see someone acting suspiciously or suspect them of shoplifting then engage them and ask if they need a hand. Do not get into a verbal or physical confrontation with the assailant.
  • If necessary hire a security guard. This is a great visual deterrent for potential thieves and will hive confidence to your staff knowing they have a person on the premises dedicated to keeping an eye out for any crimes.
  • ATM crime can be sudden and violent. Make sure you have cameras set up facing the ATM machine. If an incident does occur you’ll at least have some evidence to show the police.
  • Do not leave a lot of money in the till throughout the day. Keep enough in to give customers change but invest in a high security safe and place it in the back somewhere so you can store the majority of your petty cash.
  • Invest in strong British Standard kite marked anti snap locks for your external doors. Combine it with a 5 lever mortice lock to comply with most insurance and police standards.

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