UK Saw a Rise in Overall Theft in 2018

Crimes such as burglary and theft in general usually get reported accurately. These types of offences are well reported by the public and the police leading to very accurate statistics. Crime stats in England and Wales have shown that there has been an overall increase in thefts in 2018. This goes against the accepted long term trend that theft has been in decline over the last decade.


Cuts to police forces up and down the country has seen a spike in unsolved thefts. Unfortunately, many other crimes have saw a sharp increase also such as stabbings, violent crime etc. Accurate accounts of these are regularly reported by the Crime Survey for England & Wales.

There has been increases in car related thefts. Police recorded vehicle offences increased by 7% (to 457,970) in the year ending June 2018. Burglary offences recorded by the police increased by 2% (to 432,267 offences) as well as police recorded robberies which have increased by 22% (to 79,117 offences)

A specific crime that has added to the overall increase in theft statistics is moped theft. As you have probably saw throughout the media over the last few years moped and scooter theft has plagued certain city’s in England, specifically London. Over 14,000 motorcycle, moped and scooters were stolen in London in the last year.

Long Term

The statistics may not make pleasant reading but the overall picture isn’t as bleak as the police data suggests. If you view the current data in the long run you will see that there has been much worse periods of theft in our not too distant past. When the economy is bad crimes such as theft increase. Since the Crime Survey for England and Wales starting documenting crime data in the early 80’s England and Wales has improved dramatically in regards to crime prevention. For instance all thefts reached a record high with a shocking 11,633 incidents in 1995. However, even though 2018 saw a slight upturn in overall thefts it pails in comparison to the 1995 figure with a total of 3,591. See diagram below.


As stated above, reporting a crime is a big step in stopping future offences. No matter how big or small the crime is make sure you report it to your local police force. Crime trends are one of the things that are looked at when the Government embarks on dividing their yearly budget. An accurate crime record helps see where funds and infrastructure is best allotted.

Call 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress.

Call 101 for smaller crimes such as mobile thefts, property damage etc.

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