What Are the Costs of Smart Home Security

Unfortunately many people aren’t in a position to splash thousands of pounds on a brand new home security system. Although every house should have a decent layer of security a lot of people cannot afford all the latest smart tech security gadgets that are meant to help you protect your home. Traditional security measures are still the go to option for most homeowners. Anti pick door locks, window locks, security lights are highly effective whilst being low maintenance. Smart home security is the new emerging trend on the market. Costs vary, as do results.

The Future of Home Security

Home security and security in general has made giant leaps over the last couple of centuries. From geese to dogs to night-watchmen to security guards, people have been adopting various methods over the years to protect their property. Burglar alarms were a great invention as they actively gave out signals when a property was broken into. Security devices such as locks and window grills were passive features that could not alert anyone to a break in.

We are lucky enough to live in a world where we can be relatively safe from burglars. Modern security measures have allowed us to proactively protect our homes and businesses without having to break the bank. However, a new breed of home security that connects to the internet and allows us to monitor our homes 24/7 has made a play to be the future of home security. Smart homes as they have been christened allow us to glimpse the future of security and society in general, but is it worth it?


Firstly installation costs will apply to certain smart home devices. Sure, the pull of smart home automation means wireless connection and no installation costs. However, wireless connections to your devices means that they will be vulnerable to hacking. Spending money on a hardwired smart home system will give you a better chance against hackers.

You will need an internet connection for most of your smart home security devices. The internet of things is an umbrella  term that describes all the devices that connect to each other via the internet. Monthly subscriptions to broadband internet will vary, many will start around £20. Factor in the fact that you may need cloud storage for you internet security devices and the cost begins to rise. Furthermore, some smart home brands will have a monthly subscription so make sure you read the small print when investing in this new technology.

Like with traditional security smart home devices come in many forms and prices. You can purchase a smart lightbulb or the latest smart speaker for anywhere between £20 and £100 depending on your needs. Or, you can completely automate every aspect of your home for a massive five or six figure sum. The allure of smart technology is that it will make our lives more efficient and cost effective.

However, the market is still finding its feet and so it may be fun to control your heating from your smartphone or ask Alexa to play your favourite song but when it comes to home security traditional solutions are the best for the time being.


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