Why You Should Mark Your Property

When a burglar enters your property they are generally on the lookout for easy to find valuable items that are effortlessly transportable and can be immediately sold on. The holy grail of stolen loot is of course money, with jewellery being a close second. Portable electrical goods are also sought after by burglars as they can easily be sold on for a decent profit. When it comes to things like digital tablets, laptops, smartphones etc you can take pro active preventative measures to make sure that you can get your stolen property back and in the worst case scenario make it impossible for criminals to sell it on.

Sabotage The Burglars

There’s nothing more galling to a burglar than taking all those risks to accumulate stolen goods and not being able to sell them. Marking  your valuable belongings will hamper the sale of stolen items on the black market. Furthermore, it will be impossible also for them to sell stolen items at local reputable pawnbroker’s or indeed via online platforms such as Gumtree, e-bay etc.

Ways to Mark Your Property

First and foremost the information you mark down on your property should be easy to read and contain a specific name or code only you would know, or alternatively put down your name, street and postcode.

You can pretty much mark anything you like but take into consideration whether or not you wish to sell it on yourself after you have finished with it. You can simply attach labels to your valuable items but they can be easily removed. Here are some alternatives:

  • Permanently marking your belongings is a sure fire way of deterring burglars from stealing them. If you can live with the sight of permanent lettering / codes on items such as bikes, laptops etc then use a marker pen to write down your house number and postcode.
  • The most subtle way to mark your property is to use a UV marker pen. Ultra Violet security marker pens give you the benefit of property marking with the added bonus of invisibility. You may not want unsightly markings on your hi tech equipment like phones and tablets so using UV markings is a great solution. All it takes for the local police force to identify your property is to run your item under a black light to reveal the UV code underneath. To alert thieves that you have this security measure in place attach signs onto your windows stating your belongings have been marked using an Ultra Violet pen.
  • You can physically etch or engrave your name, number, address etc into your property. You can use whatever tools are available to you and with a steady hand you can engrave your details into the surface. Or, if you are marking metallic surfaces a neater approach would be to use etching fluid through a stencil which will lightly corrode the top layer and leave a professional marking in its place.
  • Register your property at Immobilise the UK National Property Register. It is free and is regularly used by the police to return stolen items to their rightful owners.

Consider marking items such as laptops, home computers, TV’s, smartphones, sound systems,  bicycles etc.

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