Yale 3 Star Euro Cylinder Information

The Yale Platinum 3 star euro cylinder is one of the leading products on the market.

However, there are two important things to note with this product.

Grip Deflectors

This cylinder has small bumps on each side of the cylinder which are designed to make gripping the cylinder more difficult in the event of a attempted break in.

These only protrude around 2mm but on some doors this means they will prevent the cylinder being inserted into the handles.

You will need to remove the doors handles to insert this cylinder but in some cases the space may be so tight the grip deflectors prevent the cylinder going in altogether.

The only option here to use this cylinder will be to file the grip deflectors off, it is not too difficult of a job.

Otherwise you will need to purchase another cylinder which does not have grip deflectors (such as an Avocet ABS cylinder)

Thumbturn Fitting

To install the thumb turn version of this lock you will need to remove the thumb turn, slide the lock into place then re-attach it using a 2mm allen/ hex key (standard are most sets).

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