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Adhesives vs Glues?

We have a range of adhesives for the job, whether that be domestic, commercial or industrial. Glues and adhesives play an essential role in any building or apparatus. They bond things together and make things stronger. Adhesives and glues can be used interchangeably but basically both do the same job at joining to surfaces together whether it be wood, vinyl, laminates etc.


Adhesives are mainly used in the building trade and are usually a higher strength compared to most glues. It is used to bond two surfaces together - see brands like Bond-It for a range of useful and easy to use adhesives. Adhesives have a greater flexibility than glues and are sometimes superior for things like toughness and setting time. Adhesives can be used on things such as brick, metal, timber, stone, concrete etc.


Glue is any fluid adhesive. Glues are usually made from natural animal extracts. They can be used for many things but are more suited to a more domestic setting rather than a professional one.