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uPVC fittings

We all know that uPVC is a useful and cost effective material. Most modern fixtures and fittings in the home will be made of this material, from doors to window ledges. However, as the uPVC is white it can appear dirty and unclean over time- it is best to invest in a dedicated uPVC cream cleaner to dispel the dirt. 

uPVC & glass cleaners

 A simple way to remove these unwanted stains is to use some kind of cleaner. Bond-It cream cleaner and glass cleaner is a great solution. The uPVC cream cleaner is solvent-free, non corrosive and works as an effective cleaner for most household items such as taps, baths, tiles etc. The glass cleaner is perfect for cleaning any type of glass and mirrors. Use streak free cleaners for glass also.


Use a quality remover for a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted mould and mildew. Homes can house all sorts of unwanted stains and damp spots. These are breeding grounds for mould and mildew. A powerful remover is needed for this kind of problem. Walls, roofs, windows, doors and floors can all be effected. Bond-It has a great mould remover which will kill mould and algae within 2-3 days of application and will prevent re-growth for many months.