Discount Information

Discount Codes

Here at Home Secure we are committed to offering the lowest prices we possibly can without the need for discount codes. 

If we can pass savings on to you then we will instantly without the need for you to go looking for discount codes. 

We will also automatically apply any quantity related discounts and from time to time run sale prices on selected lines. 

This means that we offer fair prices and nobody misses out on cost savings due not having a discount code. 

The price you pay will always be the lowest price we can offer at that time - no discount code required.

Quantity Discounts

We offer discounts when purchasing multiple units of a product. These discounts can be seen on the product page and will be automatically applied at checkout. 

Discounts are applied at product level and cannot be combined together. For example. We may offer a discount for purchasing 10 window locks but have these available in multiple colours/ sizes. To qualify for the discount you must purchase 10 units of exactly the same product. We cannot apply a 10 unit discount to 5 of one colour/ size and 5 of another.