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What door handles to buy

A door handle is a mechanism attached to a door used to open or close it. A door handle is a lever and is designed to be pushed downwards to gain access to a room or house.They come in many different shapes and sizes which are often specific to the door they are attached to such uPVC doors or wooden doors. They come in pairs and its important to know what type or style you need to purchase for your home.

Latch or Lock?

The choice is yours epending on whether you want your door to lock or just latch. Front doors will obviously require a door handle with a locking mechanism. However, internal doors will just need a latch style handle unless its for a bathroom.

Types of door handles

Door handles come in many designs and many finishes. Once you have decided the functionality of the door handle and what it's going to be used for it is then down to you to choose the style and finish. You might want your interior door handles to be more decorative and personalised. For instance, you might want an elegant lever on rose with a polished chrome finish. Alternatively, for your front door you may seek out a replacement uPVC door handle that is easy to fit. 


The most popular size of lock centre is 92mm.