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What types of plugs are there?

Plugs are an essential part of every home. Every country has their own style of plug that meets that countries specific regulations. It's safe to say that some are safer than others. Here in Britain our plugs are noticeably different compared to others around the world. Firstly you will notice how bulky and thick the design is. This makes it a lot more safer as it encloses the neutral, live and Earth wires in a compact plastic box that keeps your fingers far from the live wires. Plus, the three pronged design, specifically the live and neutral pins, are insulated half way up as to protect you from electical shocks if they are slightly exposed.

What is the most common type of plug?

Plugs have evolved over the century to accommodate our everyday needs. They were initially used purely for lighting but every electrical appliance in the home requires a plug to operate. With the advancement of electrical appliances for the home the  UK Consumer Protection legislation requires that most domestic electrical goods sold must be provided with fitted plugs to BS 1363-1. The main British standard plug is the BS 1363. This is by far the safest plug on the market.

What are the main features of the British plug?

As stated above, the classic British designed plug is a lot more bulky and heavy than its European and international rivals. However, the more interesting features are inside the plug itself. The British standard plug has built in copper fuses making it far more safer for consumers as if there is an electrical surge the fuse will just blow. The electricity will be halted and prevent house fires.

Are shaver plugs different?

In a word yes, shaver plugs are different. This is a two pronged plug as opposed to a three pronged plug. You will notice that your bathroom may have a shaver socket. This will be completely different from any other electrical socket in your home. The plug that will fit in to this socket is the BS 4573. It will looks completely different from the BS 1363-1 but it shares the same safety feature, it too has insulation on the pins to prevent electrocution



Home Security & Safety Products

How To Upgrade Your Home Security – Top Tips

Recent research highlighted that 25% of people admit to having no security at all, while another 14% admit to spending £50 or less on securing their home*. DIY home security has never been in easier and there are a huge range of simple cost effective products that you have can install yourself that can dramatically improve your home security. We are going to highlight some key areas to get you started.

Install an Alarm & CCTV System

Not surprisingly an alarm is the most commonly purchased form of home security and quite frankly you would be foolish not to have one with how easily accessible they are these days.

The Yale Easy-Fit range for both alarms and CCTV are both great bits of kit and could be installed by most competent DIYers. Both systems are feature rich and excellent value for money. With Yale you have a good support network through stockists such as ourselves and you always have peace of mind with Yale guarantees.

Secure Your Doors & Windows

The office for National Statistics latest crime survey for England and Wales reports 92% of all domestic burglary in a dwelling is committed through the front and back door, 52% and 40% respectively. There are many products on the market such as high security door locks to prevent lock snapping attacks and window jammers that can help prevent a burglar gaining access.

Security Lighting

The last thing a burglar wants is to be seen so having good lighting is an integral part of security for any property. Outdoor lighting should consist of good quality lights ideally with motion detection to trigger them when movement is sensed. An unexpected beam of light is bound to give a burglar a fright and warn them off. You can also save yourself some time and money with a product that combines lighting and CCTV (as pictured).


There are quite a few different burglary deterrent products on the market. A personal favourite of ours is the fake tv. This is an ingenious product that has a built in computer which shines LEDs at varying intensity’s and colours just like a television does, giving the impression to a would be burglar that somebody is home. There are also many ‘anti climb’ products on the market to make it more difficult to gain access to your property via fences or walls. The two most popular anti-climb products are prikka strips and anti-climb paint. It should be noted when using these types of products appropriate warning signs must be displayed or the property owner could be at risk of legal action if any harm is caused by them. However usually just the sight of these products is enough to scare of any unwelcome intruders. . 

Home Secure offer a huge range of products to secure your home secure such as locks, alarms, cctv etc

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