Flaplock Letterbox Lock - Extra Security For Existing Letter Plate

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The Flaplock is an ingenious solution and allows people to lock their letter box when it is not in use, whilst still being able to release the lock to receive mail as normal.

Using the locking letter box is ideal for people who live in fear from attack, anti social behavior or burglary. It is surprising but a letter box can actually be one of the most vulnerable points of your home, as thieves are able to take a sneaky peek at your entrance hall, planing their way around your home and looking for nearby valuables, hazards, alarms, signs of a dog or most importantly - keys.

If keys are left close enough, criminals use props such as poles, sticks or rods to hook your keys and pull hem through your letter box enabling them to gain access to your home without having to cause any damage. This could invalidate your insurance claim as they entered your home using a key.

Arson attacks are also carried out by using a letter box as an access point. Criminals have been known to pour petrol followed by a flame through a letter box setting your main exit point on on fire. There are constantly stories in the news of people who live in fear and suffer from hate crime, threats or anti social behavior problems find that keeping their letter box locked and secure is essential.

The Flaplock was designed as a result of Arson Task forces needing to find a solution to keeping letterboxes locked and secure but also allowing people to receive mail when required.


  • Locks and secures letter boxes
  • Allows mail to be delivered
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Ideal for temporarily empty properties
  • Helps prevent hate crime, ASB and arson attacks
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 403mm x 93mm x 20mm
  • Opening Dimensions: 300mm x 60mm

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