Saves Nails Express - Instant Grab Adhesive (310ml) - Beige

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A multi-purpose, rubber based construction adhesive in mild solvents, that can replace mechanical fixings in a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

SAVES NAILS is a fast bonding adhesive with gapfilling properties to bridge gaps up to 12mm. It can be used in all weather conditions and is suitable for rough and porous surfaces. It has good low temperature resistance for freezers and cold applications. This product is toluene free!


Bond It SAVES NAILS is ideal for fixing a wide variety of materials to all types of walls and suitable for insulating PU foams. It can also be used to fix skirting boards, door surrounds and frames, window sills, all types of cladding, wall battens, decorative wall boards, metal carpet edges, automotive trims and much more. It can be used for interior and exterior applications. SAVES NAILS is ideal for use on:

  • brick
  • some plastics
  • timber
  • marble
  • stone
  • brick veneer
  • concrete
  • metal
  • ceramic


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease or any contaminants that may hinder adhesion.


Apply using a standard sealant gun with the nozzle cut at an angle of 45°, and to an opening slightly larger than the joint to be sealed. Puncture membrane at base of nozzle using a long wood nail. Apply a 6mm bead (or thicker to suit gap) in a zig zag along one length of the item to be fixed. Press into place and apply an even pressure on the entire surface, leave to cure for 48 hours. Temporary support or fixings are recommended on very heavy items whilst curing. Bracing or additional mechanical fastening is recommended for ceiling or heavy wall panels while the adhesive develops full strength. When bonding foam to ceiling additional mechanical fastenings are to be used.

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