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The letterbox is an essential but vulnerable part of a property. It is needed to receive your mail but you are at risk to the latest trend of criminals to try and "fish" house and car keys left near your door, by using hooks on a line that go through your letter box. Thieves also try and evaluate the assets you have through your letterbox identifying valuable targets and making it more tempting to break in.

Prevent 'fishing'

Fishing is a growing trend amongst burglars. Securing your front door, specifically your letterbox, is a sure fire way to protect yourself against this type of crime. Keep your letterbox as secure as possible by using things like a cowl visor guard, a letterbox restricor and a letterbox lock which allows you to lock your letterbox when not in use whilst still being able to release the lock to receive letters as normal.

Prevent other anti-social behaviour

Sometimes your letterbox is a prime target not only for burglars but for vandals also. Most people have been the victim of vandalism in one way or another. Securing your letterbox goes a long way prevent this. For instance, an internal letter box security cover acts as safeguard against vandals putting things through your letterbox. Furthermore, as many of them are fire proof, these letterbox bags are perfect to keep you and your family safe, especially around specific times of the year such as New Years Eve and Bonfire Night.