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Window and door restrictors

There are many methods by which a window or door can be restricted to a fixed distance. UPVC window hinges can be purchased with built in restrictors or there are many retro-fit uPVC restrictors on the market such concealed casement restrictors, cable window restrictors or extra security bars.

Benefits of window restrictors

Window restrictors are great if you have young children or pets. They allow you to secure your windows to such a degree that you can leave a room safe in the knowledge that an open window will not be a danger to your child. A fixed window restrictor is a perfect example of securing your windows to protect children.It restricts the windows opening to a fixed distance. A cable window restrictor is easy to install whos main purpose is to keep your child safe. They are designed to let air in to your house through a window but its strong cable will save your child from tumbling throught he window if he or she falls against it.

Benefits of door restrictors

Door restrictors should be tough, durable and offer reliable weather resistance. The door restrictor is designed to sit in the eurogroove, commonly found on most major uPVC doors. The hard-wearing, hold-open function, with it's stainless steel arrow head, engages in a carbon steel plated holding spring - providing a more positive hold. uPVC door restrictors are designed to provide adjustable resistance to uPVC, french or double doors. It limits the door movement to 90°, which stops the door hitting sill end caps off etc.