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Windows are an integral part of every home. They illiuminate your house allowing natural light to pass through them as well as keeping you safe and warm. Modern homes usually have single glazed, double glazed or triple glazed windows.

What does single glaze mean?

A single glazed window is a window that is basically made up of one single sheet of glass. These type of windows are almost a thing of the past. As you want your windows in your home to trap heat and insulate you and your family, the single glaze option is the least cost effective and they do a bad job of keeping out the cold.

Is double glazing better?

Quite frankly yes! Double glazing is much better than a single glazed window and is now the norm in most properties. Unlike single glazed windows double glazed windows literally have two panes of glass with a space between them to trap heat. So, if you want to save money on heating bills then double glazed windows are the perfect solution. Even better, double glazed windows keep out noise and cold simultaneously.

What about triple glazed windows?

Triple glazed windows do the same job as double glazed windows but at a higher cost. For your home double glazing is the perfect solution. For instance, it's cheaper and double glazing allows more natural light to pass through as opposed to triple glazing.