Slimlline uPVC Door Letterbox Anti Snap




Our Slimline Anti Vandal Letterplates are the letter plate of choice for anyone concerned about home security. Each of our letterplates has 4 major anti-vandal features giving you extra security at home from vandals and burglars.

Lengths available: 12"

Door Thickness: 40-80mm

See images for detailed size specification

Conforms to British Standard/EN 13724:2002

Internal brush seals for improved draught exclusion

Two or four screw fixing options

Anti-Burglar: blind bolts to the exterior of the letterplate prevents the outer frame being unscrewed from the door externally

Anti-Vandal: outwards facing brushes mean better draught proofing, easier posting and they prevent vandals placing unwanted items in the cavity

Anti-Snap Flap: Letterplate flaps can open to 180 degrees, meaning that they will not snap. An internal water seal prevents water getting into the door or panel and ultra-flexible springs withstand thousands of openings without breaking

Anti-Scratch Frame: matt coated frame conceals scratches that may be caused by screwdrivers during installation

Unsure how to measure your existing letterbox, view our simple 3 step measuring guide here

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