Door and Window Alarm Chime Home Security Contact Alarm

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This Door Chime & Alarm announces visitors with a chime but can easily be switched into alarm mode sounding a loud 120+dBs siren if disturbed. The unit can be easily switched to OFF mode for when it is not required.

The benefit of having this product means you can save money by not having to buy a door chime AND an alarm as they are integrated into this fantastic high quality product. This item can be changed from chime to alarm before you go to bed so as it can alert you that an intruder has come through the door.

Figures show that when a alarm is sounded almost 99% of burglars leave without a single item. This item can be used as a standard door chime also, to notify you of a person entering through the door.

Secured with intergrated strong self adhesive tape.

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