UPVC Door Weather Bar. Rain Water Deflector. Weather Drip Board

Home SecureSKU: HS4904



A very simple but essential cheap device to keep rain water away from the bottom of your uPVC door. Do you have trouble with water laying or bleaching against your door when it rains?

Then this is the solution for you. Water drip bars are sited towards the bottom of the door to deflect rainwater away and prevent large pools of water from gathering. Easily retro fitted to almost any uPVC door the bar comes as 865mm length which can be cut down if need be. It has double sided tape on the back for sticking to the door. We also recommend applying silicone along the top of the bar once fitted for added endurance. 

The Home Secure anti drip weather bar, is fitted to the door without the need for screwing or drilling into your door. Meaning this can be fitted in seconds.

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