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A window handle is a mechanism attached to a window used to open or close it. They come in many different shapes and sizes which are often specific to the window they are attached to, such as uPVC, timber or aluminium.

uPVC windows

uPVC windows are a secure plastic type window made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride polymer to become. This is the most common type of material used in Britain as regards to windows. It is cheap and cost effective in regards to saving heat for the home.

Timber windows

As opposed to uPVC window frames, timber window frames are aesthetically more pleasing. They give a beautiful traditional look to any property. Like uPVC style windows timber windows also give you great insulation. Quite simply, a stained wood style window will always look more appealing than other types of window.

Aluminium windows

Like the timber style windows aluminium windows gives you a finish that is pleasing on the eye. Aluminium offers you a modern and sleek alternative to uPVC and timber. Aluminium is stonger also and because of slimmer frames they allow bigger panes of glass which will let more light shine into your homes.