First and foremost, if you are thinking of purchasing an outdoor key safe, or if you already have one, do not put it on show. Install it somewhere out of sight so it is not visible to passers by. Although it may be impossible to crack do not encourage burglars by having it on show. It is best to install an outdoor key safe somewhere that is not immediately visible. Find a spot that is not directly by your door and is not at eye level. The better it is hidden the more likely no one will ever know it’s there.

Why Have a Key Safe?

Outdoor key safes have many plus points. Firstly, make sure it is professionally installed, consult a local tradesman before you decide to put one up.

However, like with anything to do with security in and around the home key safes can also be vulnerable. The fact that your house or car keys are locked in one place means it can be extremely devastating if someone manages to break in to it.

Indoor key safes are a good option if you have a family and are misplacing keys a lot. An indoor key safe or key cabinet are also good for businesses and schools that require multiple people using different keys at various times.

An outdoor key safe is best used for leaving spare keys outside for people to easily gain access to your property. You may have a loved who lives alone and may find it difficult to answer the door. An outdoor key safe is ideal so family members and health professionals can access the property without disturbing the occupant.

What Type of Key Safe Should I Have?

There are varying degrees to key safes, especially the outdoor variety. Three and Four wheel combination style key safes are the most common. Push button key safes are also a good option as they allow you to choose a code from thousands of numerical options. More recently, weatherproof and digital Bluetooth enabled key safes have emerged offering users more control and flexibility via smart phones and mobile apps.

It is vitally important that you purchase an outdoor key safe that can hold thousands of possible combinations. The more push buttons a key safe has the harder it it will be for someone to guess the code. Also, choose a code that is longer than 4 or 5 digits. The longer the code the harder it is to guess.

Finally, always choose security items that have a police approved Secured By Design logo on them.

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