By far the most recognisable, and easily replaced, cylinder lock on the market is the euro cylinder lock. It’s mainly found in the UK and Europe, hence the name ‘euro cylinder’. It’s defining feature is its shape – see image LEFT. It has a circular head that houses the lock mechanism and an oval bottom.

As most front door locks in the UK are euro cylinder profile locks it is very easy to replace them. For example, most brands will manufacture these types of locks and so you will have no problem finding a replacement.

Euro cylinder locks explained

Euro Cylinder Locks come in three options, keyed on both sides, half euro keyed only on one side and thumbturn. These options give you various degrees of security and convenience – choose whichever suits you and your needs. For instance, if you like the idea of just having to lock your door from one side then the half euro cylinder is best for you.

  1. Keyed Both Sides
  2. Half Euro Cylinder
  3. Thumbturn Cylinder

What Size Cylinder?

Visit our How To Measure Your Euro Cylinder Lock blog post for an easy to follow guide on how to measure your lock.

What are the Drawbacks of Having a Euro Cylinder Lock?

Unfortunately, the art of ‘lock snapping’ has become a major problem in the UK and elsewhere recently. Burglars have realised that they can target a locks weakness and use it against itself. For example, older euro cylinders have a central weak point where the screw is fixed and can be easily broken in two. Our advice is to replace your older euro cylinders with locks that have the more modern security features, such as TS007 3 STAR rating and SS 312 Sold Secure Diamond accreditations.

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