There is no sure fire way to know what day or what time of the day your home will be targeted by burglars. Like most anti-social behaviour it is unpredictable. Obviously if you’re on holiday your home becomes an easy target by default as there is no one in the property.

The main thing to know is that burglars are opportunistic. They are relying on people to have their guard down and will strike if they find a hint of weakness in or around your property.

As many latest figures have shown, crime in the UK has increased. Home burglaries are just one of many anti social crimes on the increase SEE HERE


The Stats

Statistics have shown that the majority of household burglaries happen through the week. There are more days through the week so the outcome could reflect this, i.e. there are more opportunities through the week for a burglar to strike.

Theft from a dwelling occurs 68% of the time through the week and 32% at the weekend.

Although it may seem all doom and gloom at the moment the long term trend for household burglaries looks rather positive. As the ONS states:

‘In the survey year ending March 2017, around 2 in 100 households had been victims of domestic burglary; this compares with around 9 in 100 households in the year ending December 1995, meaning that households are currently four times less likely to be a victim of burglary than in 1995.’ SEE HERE

There are a lot of mixed messages out there at the moment in regards to house crime. Short term rises mask the trend of long term decreases in burglaries and other anti social behaviour.

The stat that seems pretty much consistent over the last decade though is how a burglar gains access to a property.  72% of burglars gain access via the front door SEE HERE. Whether its forcing the lock by using lock snapping techniques or simply entering a house because the front door is unlocked it is an eye opening  it is imperative that you have strong security features in relation to your front door.

Anti snap locks are increasingly becoming the norm. They are a necessary upgrade and protect against the modern trend of lock snapping and lock bumping etc. For anti snap euro cylinder locks SEE HERE