Padlocks are an integral part of everyday security. The fact that they are portable and act as a visual deterrent make them a great choice when securing your property and belongings. They can be used to secure many things such as sheds, gates, storage units, lockers etc – however, some padlocks are more suitable than others.

Types Of Padlock

First of all, when buying padlocks you should get them from a reputable branded supplier. Padlocks by nature can be temperamental and can be easily picked so always try and buy quality. Brands such as ABUS, Master Lock, ERA, Squire, Yale padlocks etc have been regularly reviewed as being the leading padlock makers on the market.

A general rule when buying padlocks is that the thicker the shackle the higher the security level. High security padlocks should have a 10mm diameter shackle at the very least.

Weatherproof Padlocks

For outdoor security a weatherproof padlock is best. They are often made of non corrosive substances and are built to withstand weather conditions such as rain, sleet snow etc. Modern weatherproof padlocks are sometimes encased within a laminated plastic jacket and a keyway cover cap to prevent rusting. Stronger materials should be used on padlocks that are for outdoor use such as molybdenum hardened steel.

Combination Padlock

Any padlock that requires you to enter a code is classed as a combination padlock. These should be used in circumstances where many people require access to the same thing. Although they are susceptible to lock picking they are relatively inexpensive and are suitable for a lot of low grade home security applications. You can change the combination code as many times as you like and you don’t have to carry keys around with you all day to unlock them.

Closed Shackle Padlock

To combat attacks on padlocks using saws and other tools manufacturers have come up with the closed shackle padlock design. It has in built shoulders that cover the rounded shackle which makes it difficult for thieves to access. This type of padlock is what most insurance companies insist upon.

Long Shackle Padlock

This is basically a traditionally shaped open style padlock but with an extended shackle. Long shackle padlocks are used to attach things that might be quite a distance apart and allows many things to pass through it. These U-shaped bar designs are very useful but are weaker than most other high security padlocks.

Discus Padlock

Like with all padlocks on this list you should be purchasing from reputable establishments to avoid any badly made or counterfeit hardware. The design of the discus padlock protects it from attacks from saws and bolt cutters. It is ideal for outside application and is classed as a closed shackle padlock. Also referred to as circular or rounded shackle padlock these type of locks are ideal for factories, store frontages, gates, storage units etc.