Door numbers for your house can come in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. You could have it painted on wood, engraved in slate, not to mention other options such as acrylic, ceramic, even a sticker. Whether you choose one of these options or something more traditional like a brass or chrome option the important thing to know is where to place them.

The Importance Of House Numbers

House numbers are not just for decoration, they are a functional necessity. They are there to differentiate yours and your neighbours houses as well as being a requirement to receive the correct mail.

Not only this but in an emergency your house number is the single most vital piece of information a medical practitioner will need. Minutes and even seconds are of paramount importance in a medical emergency and the ambulance persons need to be able to spot your house immediately.

Having a difficult to read snazzy font or a well hidden house number is the last thing the emergency services need when trying to locate your address.

Front door house numbers need to be easy to see for other things also such as deliveries or visitors etc.

How To Display Your House Number

Visibility and readability are the main factors when deciding what type of house numbers to use and where to put them. Of course, common sense plays a part also. You shouldn’t for instance pick a dark coloured numeral to go against a dark coloured background – make sure the numbers stand out. Contrasting colours such as white on black, or chrome on black are always a good idea when displaying house numbers.

The door numbers should be placed not too high yet not too low. There is no one rule or law that governs where to put your house number but line them up with other visual clues such as a door knocker or a porch light. Speaking of lights, its a good idea to place your number by a light source so it is well lit.

Your numbers should always be visible from the street. Although they might look better or more stylish on the side of your house you should always have them front facing so that they are visible from the kerb. Trim any bushes that may be blocking the door numbers. Try and keep the numbers horizontal, make them read left to right to avoid any confusion.


Depending on where you live a good sized average house number should be between 3 inches and 4 inches in height. It all really depends on the distance from your house to the street.