Jack Nut Screw Anchor With Machine Screw

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Jack Nuts are recommened for use on hollow uPVC frames. Can you be used to install many products such as sash jammers and extra security restrictors.

When a uPVC frame has no steel re-enforcing there is nothing for a standard screw to grip on to. To check if your frame has steel re-enforcing you will need to drill into it and feel the tension or lack of. 

When installling our jack nuts we recommend using a 9.5mm drill bit. Once you have drilled a hole into the frame using this bit, you can then tap the jack nut into place. 

Place the product you are installing onto the frame and attach by drilling the machine screw supplied into the jack nut through the fixing hole of the product. The jack nut will then split apart creating a secure fixing inside the uPVC frame. 

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