First and foremost, if you are having any problems with your uPVC door locks then contact your nearest locksmith – It’s better to be safe than sorry.

uPVC doors continue to be popular throughout the UK. Their multi point locking systems mean that they add an extra layer of security compared with a standard deadbolt on a timber door. The best practice when buying a uPVC door lock is to invest in quality.

If you need to replace your current uPVC multipoint door lock then the first thing you need to do is identify what lock brand it is. You can usually find the lock brand printed on the long metal plate of the multipoint lock. If there is no name then ask a locksmith to remove the lock from its door frame and try and match it with an existing uPVC door lock, the gearbox shape will usually give you a clear idea.

There are numerous multipoint door lock brands, the most popular being Mila, Avocet, Fuhr, GU, Yale, Winkhaus, Fullex etc.

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uPVC Door Lock Problems

Although it offers excellent security the fact that a uPVC door lock is a working mechanism means that it can sometimes fail. It is a much more complex locking system than a simple deadbolt. You will get a good 10 years out of a quality uPVC multipoint door lock but it is important to spot the signs early if you feel it is not functioning correctly.

As there are many moving parts a uPVC door lock may need some extra care and attention. Sometimes however it might be your euro cylinder lock. If your key feels stiff in the lock or it takes some effort to turn and open the door then it might be that you need to replace your cylinder lock.

However, the main benefit of having a multipoint uPVC door mechanism is that if a part breaks down you often will only have to replace the part that failed. Full unit uPVC door locks can be an expensive investment and so singling out what the problem is will cut down your costs. For instance, the majority of problems with uPVC door locks will stem from the gearbox, instead of replacing the whole unit you will only have to replace the gearbox.

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