There are several types of window handles that you will find in and around your home. Spindle type handles found on uPVC windows are called espagnolette, or ‘espag’ for short. These are button operated and will be found on newer uPVC window compositions.

Tilt and turn type window handles are for windows that open inwards into a property. To operate a tilt and turn window you need to pull the window down towards you. The handles on this type of window will operate at 360 degrees.

If you have slightly older windows such as aluminium or older type uPVC windows then cockspurs are the handle for these compositions. The cockspur window handle is a simple latch mechanism that is simple to use and has a key locking function. These type of double glazing window handles come in left and right options and operate by turning them 90 degrees.



Firstly, replacement cockspur window handles come in left and right hand options. As these are often fitted onto older uPVC and aluminium windows the sizing can be different on each window. The measurement you need to be familiar with is the backset. This is taken from the spur height to the base of the handle.

Typical sizes on a replacement cockspur backset can be anything from 9mm to 20mm – sometimes more.

What If I Can’t Find The Correct Size?

As cockspur handles are retrofitted to older composite windows the sizing can often be a major issue. However, regardless of what size backset you buy you can always adjust the size of the handle to fit the window type.

Window wedges, or cockspur wedges are an easy fix when installing your window handles. They are attached to the actual frame of the window and help you ensures that the Cockspur handle pulls the window firmly into the closed position. These come in different wedge sizes to fit your need.

We stock high quality replacement uPVC handles whether you require chrome, white etc. We stock Avocet window handles as well as Trojan and the unique and adjustable VERSA range.