You will no doubt have at least a couple of composite sash windows or uPVC doors on your property. Some houses consist mainly of uPVC windows and doors, front and back. The good thing about uPVC fixtures and fittings is that you can retrofit pretty much any security feature you want onto them. If you need a security upgrade, instead of replacing the whole door or window you can simply add uPVC hardware wether it’s a window restrictor, new multipoint door lock, or a sash jammer.

What is a Sash Jammer?

A sash jammer is a retrofit uPVC door and window security device. It can be called a window/door restrictor, window safety catch, uPVC door jammer etc. Simply put, it is an uncomplicated yet very effective security feature that can save your home from being burgled – as stated HERE

Sash jammers are inexpensive which means you can fit as many as you want onto your uPVC windows and doors. The more you have the stronger the door or window.

We always advise to install the best 3 star euro cylinder locks on your doors and high quality locks and restrictors on your windows. For an added extra security feature though the sash jammer might just save you a lot of money in the long run.

Watch our sash jammer video below: