French doors can be visually stunning, giving you a great focal point which lets in light and leads into your back garden. However, many of you with French doors and conservatories will know how vulnerable they are. Most burglars gain entry to a property via a front or back door – as most people prioritise their front facing door the back door access point can be neglected sometimes.


  1.  As conservatories and French doors are mainly made of glass it is vitally important that your panes of glass are reinforced. Burglars will target weak panes of glass so if they are double glazed it will make it harder for them to break through.
  2. Like with your front door your patio or French doors should have extra secure quality locks. French doors should have a high quality multi point locking mechanism. Locks can be the most vulnerable part on any door so always look for locks that are kitemarked.
  3. There is always improvements being made to home security. A new addition to French door and patio security is the Patlock. This is a lock specifically designed to stop intruders quickly when trying to enter your home through your French doors. It works by halting the door levers on your patio doors thus obstructing any forced entry.

It is always good to add extra security to any door in your home, specifically ones that are as tempting to burglars as French and patio doors. Not only can they be easily broken into but burglars can view what things you have in your home directly through the glass. Another good addition to patio door and conservatory burglary prevention is to install blinds so as to block the view of any prying eyes.