Do you experience draughts coming in through your uPVC or timber windows? Do dust particles and other air born nuisances seep into your home during the Summer months? The best solution to these everyday occurrences is to install a window seal to weatherproof your home.

Here’s our guide to rubber gasket window seals

Draught Proofing

Draught proofing or weather sealing your property can save you money. Your house can let energy escape – heat that you have paid for can trickle out of your property without you knowing, therefore, the more seals your home has the better. Problem areas that let energy escape are places such as windows, letterboxes, keyholes, floorboards etc. Basically anywhere there is a gap there is a risk of draught.

Window seals, whether it be uPVC window seals or timber window seals are a simple and easy solution to these problems. Double glazed windows will be easier to draught proof than older single pane windows.

The window seal itself is easy to install. Self adhesive uPVC window seals will have a strip of adhesive that you just attach to the groove or gap in your window. You simply cut the seal to the specific size and attach it around the window frame.

Other window seals such as foam or rubber can be pushed into place around the window frame.

The seal will act as a buffer between you and the outside world. It combats damp, draught and noise pollution. During the Summer months it will stop things such as pollen and dust mites drifting in through the gaps in your windows – perfect for people with allergies.

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