The two main devices that keep your front door secured are the uPVC multipoint lock that runs down the door frame and the euro cylinder that fits through your door which you operate with a key. These two essential security door locks are the basis for your door security. If these two elements are of sufficient quality then you have a pretty good anti-burglar door. There are however small added extras you can install that will come to your rescue if someone does bypass your uPVC locks.

Sash Jammers

Sash jammers are a great addition to your uPVC windows. However, not many people go to the next step of fitting them to their out facing front or back doors.

Ideally, the perfect installation scenario would be to fix 2 or more jammer devices to your front door – the more the merrier really. Check out our advice on how to fit sash jammers to your uPVC windows and doors.

sash jammers

Points To Consider

  • Fit two sash jammers on your external doors. One near the top and one near the bottom. For patio or French doors double that to four and add two near the top and two near the bottom.
  • When not in use point the sash jammer downwards. Sometimes when they become loose they can drop down into the locking position and lock you out.
  • Sash jammers come in two varieties, locking and non locking. To get the maximum potential out of your door locking device a locking sash jammer is best as they can be deadlocked.
  • Like most things fitted on your property wear and tear can take its toll meaning that sash jammers can fail overtime. Replace them at the first sight of damage, for instance if they become loose.
  • As they are reasonably priced and so easy to fit they make great temporary door locks. For instance, if you are in the middle of replacing your uPVC multipoint lock and have to leave it overnight sash jammers are a great way to secure your property until you fit your new locks.
  • If your window or door frames are not reinforced then use jack nuts to install your sash jammers so the screws have something to grip on to. To determine whether your uPVC window and door frames are reinforced or not you need to drill a pilot hole through the uPVC to see if you can feel any tension or not. If you feel steel it is reinforced, if it bends then it won’t be.
  • They are also great at securing your letterbox from any unwanted mail or anti-social behaviour.