Being the victim of an attack can leave you bewildered and breathless – sometimes worse. Try to be prepared, stay as calm as you can and use your instincts to prevail in such a situation.

Follow these simple guidelines and stay safe.

  • Firstly, make sure you have an easy to hold and easy to conceal personal alarm.
  • Keep it somewhere where you can reach for it immediately.
  • Use it as a keyring or place it on a belt so you are not trying to fish it out of your pocket.
  • Even better, get a chord and wear it around your neck like a piece of jewellery.
  • Get an alarm that doesn’t stand out and look like an alarm, get something that blends in with your look.

What Does an Attack Alarm Sound Like?

Some attack alarms simply have to be pressed to make them sound off. Others, like the Yale Coloured Personal Attack Alarm, require you to remove the mini jack in order for the loud siren to take effect. They make a loud incessant siren type noise that will not only scare off your attacker but will alert people in the vicinity that something bad is happening.

Check out the video: