MoneySuperMarket Survey

An interesting recent survey from the price comparison site has revealed the postcodes in the UK with the lowest levels of theft. They analysed home insurance claims throughout the UK and as you can see in our infographic we’ve decided to highlight the T0p 10 safest UK postcodes in regards to burglary and theft.

Do you live in one of these areas?

If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these postcode areas then congratulations! Especially those who live in the number one spot of Bideford and Hartland. However, there are two sides to this story. The big cities are, not surprisingly, the locations where the most burglaries happen in the UK. Postcodes in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds all feature in the Top 10 UK burglary hotspots.

Minimum Level of Security

Most home insurers require a minimum level of home security when it comes to assessing your home insurance. Insurance companies may reject an insurance claim for many reasons. Poor locks, faulty burglar alarms, extended holidays may affect your insurance claim if burgled.

Make sure all your security devices are in working order. Check batteries in smoke alarms and make sure your CCTV is working. Always set your burglar alarm and upgrade your door locks to deadbolt locks.

If you have external timber or composite doors make sure you have a BS 3621 5 lever standard mortice deadlock installed. All of your door locks should be kite marked.

For uPVC doors make sure you have a high security multipoint door lock. These locks offer maximum security as they lock in several places.

For uPVC windows it’s best to install espagnolette window locks or at the very least a sash jammer or window restrictor.

Check the details of your insurance policy and make sure you report a crime when it happens as this may affect your claim.