Door locks are essential for all external doors. Whether they be uPVC euro cylinders or multipoint gearbox mechanisms they are your first line of defence when it comes to home security. The higher quality your door locks the more secure your home will be. With that being said, door locks are an integral part of your whole property. Interior door locks may not act as security features but they still do an important job.

Internal Doors

Each of your interior doors have a function throughout your home. They add to the flow of your house and will have certain locks and latches installed on them. Living room doors are the gateway to your communal living area so door handles with latches on are ideal, however, bathroom doors require a certain amount of security and privacy and so will need a certain type of lock.


Latches are an inexpensive and functional way to keep a door closed without locking it. The most common type of latch is the tubular mortice latch. It is important to know what size latch you need before you replace your existing one. The two most common sizes in the UK for internal door latches are 63mm and 76mm, however, check out our guide to measuring your internal door latch.

Bathroom Locks

These types of internal locks offer no real security other than giving you a sense of privacy. Obviously, when in the bathroom you require a certain level of privacy. You can achieve this by installing a turn and release door thumb turn. These privacy locks allow you to lock the door from the inside but also give you a safety feature on the outside in the form of a coin groove that someone can unlock in the event of an emergency. The same type of privacy door locks are used on toilet cubicles but have more of an indicator shoot bolt feature than a turn and release mechanism.

Sash & Deadlocks

People may want a certain level of security when it comes to their bedrooms or internal offices. Installing a mortice sashlock or deadlock will give you a decent level of security. They are found on timber doors and if you require a door handle to operate it then a sashlock is best. However, if you want a key only operation then a deadlock is the best option. You can use high security 5 lever mortice locks on your external timber doors also.

Internal Door Handles

There are many stylish options these days when it comes to internal door handles. Lever on rose and lever on backplate are the main choices when selecting interior handles. Depending on what purpose you intend for them you can choose door handles that have a keyhole feature, a privacy mechanism, or latch and mortice features. Door handle packs are perfect cost effective replacements for your current internal door handles as they come with everything you need to install them such as screws, hinges, locks and latches.

Check out our instructional video below on how to install replacement interior door handles with latch mechanism: