Door knockers are a great alternative to front door bells. They wont short circuit and it stops people banging on your front door panels or exterior uPVC windows. Door knockers can add a nice traditional feel to your front door.

The good thing is that you can fit front door knockers to pretty much any door type. Whether you prefer solid brass door knockers or chrome door knockers it doesn’t take much effort to fit them on to your front door

Famous Front Door Knocker

Although not a necessary security feature front door knockers can transform a boring uPVC or composite door into something more stylish and modern. Take the world’s most famous front door for example, Number 10 Downing Street. Behind that imposing black facade are the corridors of power where the big political decisions are poured over daily. Originally made of black oak, Number 10 Downing Street is now made of bomb-proof metal with high-quality gloss paint as a coating.

Take a look at that beautiful brass lion’s head knocker on the front door, it’s an important part of the the door’s history as soldiers travelling to fight in WW1 would touch it for good luck. The brass lion door knocker was painted black to match the original black cast iron design. The famous number 10 numerals are painted but you can re-create them with gold or chrome door letters and numbers

Front Door Furniture

Door knockers can add a sense of fun or style to your home. There are many quirky and unusual door knockers out there to keep yourself entertained. However, to add a sense of style take a look at these contemporary face fit door knockers from Avocet

For a more traditional Number 10 Downing Street approach why not try an old style black antique finish

Modern door knockers can also add a touch of security to your front door as they can come with a front door peephole. You can combine modern security with classic and beautiful design.