Gasket weatherseals serve an important role in keeping your house safe and secure. Certain uPVC glazing techniques require different types of weatherseals. For instance, depending on what frame you have you will need one of the following – bubble gasket and wedge gasket for uPVC windows & doors, and products like Aquamac Qlon gasket for timber frames.

What Job Does It Do?

To put it simply, rubber gasket weatherseals keep you warm and can save you moneyThe most common cause of steamed or misted up windows is because the seal is damaged or has began to decay. It is one of the simplest DIY jobs you can do, and it could save you £100’s. Replacing your worn out gasket can help reduce your energy bills.

The problems of decayed or compressed window gasket seal are simple to spot. If you have any rain or damp coming in, or are left with a dampness area around the window frame or the glass itself, that could be a key symptom of the gasket needing replacing. Also, the other major identifier is, the increase in draughts around windows and doors. This can happen as the gasket often becomes compressed over time and does not create an air tight or water tight seal, and as a result will allow the elements in.

How to identify my gasket?

Identifying your window or door gasket could not be simpler. Simply pull as piece out of the frame and match up its shape to many of the gaskets we have in stock. If their is more than one of the same shape, double check the measurements and you will be able to find the one you require. If you are still having trouble, please purchase our sample pack. This will help you to match your existing gasket to the one you require.

See below for a demo of our Bubble Gasket Sample Pack: