When looking for replacement window handles it is important to know what exact style you need. As most homes these days are built with uPVC windows and doors it is more than likely that you’ll be searching for uPVC window handles. You will either find cockspur window handles or espag window handles on most double glazed windows. Cockspur window handles are usually found on older style uPVC windows.

Espag Meaning

Espag is short for espagnolette. It is a French term and refers to the working mechanism of certain uPVC window locks. The Espag window handle controls the entire window mechanism when turned.

When it comes to espagnolette mechanisms, the uPVC window lock sits in the frame and its mushroom cam design allows it to seamlessly roll up and down when locked and unlocked. You will know if you have espagnolette window handles if the back of the handle connects to a small gearbox.



The main difference you will find on espagnolette window handles, when say compared to cockspur handles, is the protruding spindle that sticks out of the back. Before you upgrade your uPVC espag window handles you should know the length of this protruding spindle. Sizes can range from 10mm upwards, however a good tip when figuring out spindle lengths is to just buy the longest size available (40mm) and cut it down to suit your needs. The width of the metallic spindle should be 7mm.

To measure the length of your spindle:

  1. Remove your window handle from the window frame.
  2. With the spindle still in situ get a tape measure or ruler and measure from the the base of the window handle to the end of the spindle.

Inline and Cranked

Espag window handles come in two options – inline and cranked. The inline option is basically a universal handle which will turn left or right. The cranked option are left and right handed – the left hand version will turn clockwise and the right hand version will turn anti clockwise.

The choice depends on your preference and how the handle feels when you operate it. There are plenty of modern and sleek ergonomically designed espag window handles out there these days. Depending on your decor you can choose from stylish finishes such as chrome and brass.

Most have a key locking push button feature for additional security but brands such as VERSA have a dual function where you can interchange from key locking to just a simple push button. See video below.

VERSA window handles also come with 5 magnetic spindles in varying lengths which eliminates the need to take a hacksaw to your spindle to get the correct size.

How To Identify uPVC Window Handles

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