There has been an increase in the number of blowtorch burglaries. Criminals are using blowtorches to burn through uPVC doors around the lock, doing this allows them to then bend, snap or remove the lock and gain access to the property. With criminals constantly coming up with new methods to intrude your home, it is important to make sure that your lock is offering the most protection for your property.

There are two nationally recognised standards for cylinder locks

  • TS 007 (one star or three star)
  • SS312 (Sold Secure Diamond Standard for lock cylinders)

Police are advising that anyone purchasing a new lock should ensure it has earned either a Three Star TS007 rating or a SS312 rating. There are some locks which have earned both of these such as the Avocet ABS.

With the increasing reports of blowtorch burglaries Ultion have provided a video of how their lock withstands this type of attack.

These types of crimes are becoming more frequent which means there is no better time to upgrade your locks. Cylinder locks are easily replaced and do not require a professional to fit them, as long as the lock is measured correctly and once fitted it should not protrude.

As an extra step Sash Jammers are also a great way to better protect yourself from burglary. Sash Jammers are easy to fit and operate and can help provide extra security for both uPVC doors and windows.