There is plenty of security for upvc doors out there. One door security device on its own may not prevent a break in but a combined array of security features will deter most burglars. Sash jammers, spy holes, strong uPVC locks, good door hinges etc are all excellent and necessary devices when securing your front door. This of ofcourse goes for your uPVC windows also.

Retro Fitting

Drilling into existing uPVC or replacing existing timber doors takes a lot of time, energy and more specifically money. Retro fitting security features onto your uPVC or timber door frames is the most cost effective way of adding extra security. Also, your home insurance could be affected if you start drilling holes in your uPVC fixtures and fittings.

Take for instance the uPVC door chain restrictor (pictured). It does not have to be drilled into the door like more traditional door chains, it can be wall mounted next to the door. Simply place the zinc ring over your front door handle and it serves as an excellent anti burglar door restrictor.

Watch our uPVC Door Chain Restrictor video below: