Chances are, if you are looking to insure your home, insurers will probably require you to have sufficient security. This will include things like burglar alarms, CCTV equipment, window locks and almost certainly a 5 lever mortice lock. The most levers modern lock designs house is 5 – this gives maximum security for your front door and is why insurers look favourably upon them.

How it Works

The image to the left shows a mortice lock in its simplest form. The red case is recessed or morticed in to a door, typically a front door, and the strike plate/strike box plate will be placed on the other side so the deadlock can be locked into it. A key is required to operate the lock from both sides. The ‘deadlock’ mechanism of the mortice lock locks into the the door frame securing it using a key.

What Doors Will it Fit?

5 lever mortice locks can only be fitted to timber / wooden door frames. As it is a lock designed to be retro fitted it cannot be placed in door types such as uPVC doors, composite doors, aluminium doors etc. A 5 lever mortice lock is what you will need to protect your wooden door frame. Look to make sure the mortice lock has a kitemark on it.

What is a Kitemark?

kitemark is a quality certification that denotes quality and safety. It is operated by The British Standard Institute and is usually found on products where safety is paramount such as locks and bike helmets etc. This mark is what insurers will be looking for on your front door locks.

The kitemark symbol is: