Our releasable uPVC window restrictor is a great little product to restrict the opening distance of your windows.

It works on a spring loaded hook mechanism, which can be released by hand to allow the window to open completely if needed. Our video below gives you some advice on how to install it:


We provide four uPVC screws with each restrictor. Installation is very straight forward for these restrictors as you can drill straight into the frame without the need for any pre-drilling.

Releasable PVC restrictors come in left and right hand variants but both the hook and receiver can be fitted to either frame or window sash.

The images below show the restrictor in the open and closed positions:

 Advice on uPVC Window Restrictors

We do a number of different home security products including PVC window and door restrictors, which are great for child safety, home security or just to get a bit more ventilation into your property.

Our releasable restrictor is great for windows which may be needed for a fire espace as it can be unhooked in seconds. If you are worried about somebody opening this restrictor from the outside then our fixed or cable restrictors may be a better alternative