There are numerous ways to secure your home or premises, it all depends on the individual. Whether you are a caretaker in a school or a vigilant homeowner everyone has their own preferences when it comes to security. We get a lot of requests from our community on which euro cylinder keys to choose – especially ABS euro cylinders. Here’s a run-down of what keys are available whether it be keyed alike, keyed to differ or built to code.

Keyed Alike

One of the benefits of having ‘keyed alike’ locks is that it is extremely convenient. ‘Keyed alike’ basically means that all the locks you purchase in a series will all be matched to just one key code –  Multiple locks all working off the same key. This is a good idea if you value convenience and hate having to search through a bunch of keys to unlock various doors.

Keyed To Differ

Keyed to differ is practically the opposite of ‘keyed alike’. Instead of getting the same key to match multiple locks you will have a different unique key for each euro cylinder. For instance, if you were to purchase two ABS locks for your front and back door you would have different keys for each lock.

Built To Code

As we are an official ABS lock Elite Centre we get many requests from people who already have ABS locks but may have lost their key or simply require more. The ‘built to code’ type of key is required when you already have a euro lock. Additional keys will need to be made to match the current code of your lock. In order to purchase these uniquely coded additional keys you must e-mail us your key code – Example code: WD74007G

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