Door locks are an integral part of anyone’s home security. They are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your property from intruders; the more door security you have the more safeguarded your property will be. Multipoint door locks are usually installed on uPVC composite doors and as the name suggests have multipoint locking points that all lock simultaneously when locked with a front door key.

Multipoint Door Locks

Multipoint door locks will usually have three locking points. It is placed in the door frame and grips the door into the frame giving it an air tight high security seal.

The three locking devices contain a central deadbolt and two hooks, one placed near the top and one placed near the bottom. This is what gives the multipoint lock its strength. They are operated when you insert your house keys into the door’s euro cylinder and turn your door handle lever up or down.

Multipoint door locks can come in various locking combinations such as rollers, bolts, hooks, latches and mushrooms.

Multipoint Lock Replacement

You will know if you need to replace your current uPVC multipoint door lock if your uPVC door handles become slack. Test you handles to see if they still retain their springiness. If necessary, consider replacing your uPVC door handles.

Like most mechanical devices a multipoint lock will eventually fail, especially when it has been used thousands of times. If the door lock shows signs of wear or you have to use a lot of excess force just to open your front door then it might be time to replace your multipoint door lock. When you are replacing your full multipoint system you should first start by checking what brand it is so you can match it up with an identical replacement. Some of the more popular door lock brands are Yale, Avocet, Mila, GU, Ferco, Era etc.

Shop Full Unit multipoint Door Locks

However, the beauty of having a multipoint door lock is that often you will only have to replace the central gearbox. This will save you money and is far more easier to install than a whole multipoint lock system.

Make sure you combine a high quality kite marked euro cylinder lock with your multipoint door lock. Do not compromise your home security by installing a poor quality euro cylinder. 3 star high security euro cylinder locks give you many added extra security features and protect you from well-know burglar tactics such as lock snapping.


See our video below on the VERSA multipoint lock range for both uPVC and timber doors.. They produce multipoint door locks that are universal and are cropable to fit most uPVC doors without having to spend a lot of time cutting them down to size.