uPVC door locks are often described as multi point locks, this is because they usually have multiple locking points along the door. uPVC door locks come in hundreds of different variations but with this guide we aim to make identification a pretty straight forward process.If you want to take a little bit of the work out of identifying your uPVC door lock then please fill in our lock identification form and upload an image if you can!

Money Saving Tip!

If your uPVC door lock has failed then it may be possible to just replace the centre case, instead of purchasing a whole new door lock. The centre case is the piece in the middle of the door and this operates the rest of the lock. You can view our range of centre cases here.

Identifying Your uPVC Door Lock

The first thing to do when attempting to identify a uPVC door lock is to look for which brand the lock is. This may be stamped somewhere along the metal strip in the door. Some of the most common brands are GU Ferco, Avocet, Mila, Era, Fullex etc.

Top Tip!

Identifying brand is important as finding a direct replacement will make the job a lot easier when installing the new lock. It is also essential if you are replacing centre case only as you will need to find an exact match to the centre case you already have.

Measuring Your Upvc Door Lock


Measurement A is taken from the centre of the spindle/ handle to the centre of the key hole. E.G. 92mm (known as the PZ)

Measurement B is taken from the centre of the key hole to the edge of the lock strip. E.G. 35mm (known as the Backset)

Replacing The uPVC Door Lock Centre Case Only – (If Possible)

If you are only replacing the centre case then you will need to identify these measurements as well as visually match your lock to the replacement. If you are not sure customers often email us a picture of their lock, stating measurements A & B.

Replacing the Full uPVC Multi Point Door Lock

As well as measurements A & B from the image above we also need to know which locking points your lock has and how many of them.

In some instances is it necessary to know the distance between each of the locking points.

You will find an image of a technical drawing on our site with each multi point lock.

uPVC Door Lock Operation – Single or Split Spindle?

uPVC door locks come in a number of variations and you may also need to match your current lock operation. The most common uPVC lock operations are single and split spindle. Split spindle operations will restrict access from the outside of the property. For more information on uPVC door lock operations please read our blog on the subject here

What Next?

Now that you have all the information you need to identify your uPVC Multi Point Door Lock please follow the links below to browse our range:

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Please don’t forget that you can always fill in our lock identification form if necessary