Securing your front door is of paramount importance when it comes to home security. Stats continue to show that burglars favour breaking in via the front door when committing their crimes, 34% to be precise. A strong door as well as strong reliable locks are obvious solutions when securing your front door. However, a lot of people take their door letterbox for granted. It is an important factor when thinking about your home security.

Burglary Prevention

Letterboxes are a necessary component of all houses, they allow us to receive our mail in an easy and functional manner. Regardless of what term you use whether it be letterbox, letter plate, mail slot etc it is important to secure it as efficiently as possible.

Points To Consider

  • Be wary of newspapers, leaflets, menus etc being shoved through your letterbox while you are away. A build up of leaflets on a property is a visual clue to burglars that no one is home.
  • Look for letterboxes with nylon bristles. Like a door draught excluder brush strip,bristles on a letterbox keep the cold out and the warmth in. Furthermore, burglars will try and peer through your letterbox so an internal brush will obstruct their view.
  • Burglars will often target houses depending on what car is parked outside. A brand new car is an expensive prize for an opportunistic burglar. A common tactic used by modern burglars is a term called ‘fishing’. They will use the opening in your letterbox to fish around for any nearby house and car keys that might be lying around near the front door. Keep your keys in a safe place as far away from your front door as possible. If necessary install a key safe.
  • To counteract the vulnerability of your letterbox consider installing a letterbox restrictor. Cowls, restrictors and locksare affordable anti burglar devices that are easy to install and can be stylish yet discreet.
  • Check for the more modern anti burglar letter plates that meet the new TS008 compliance standards. This means that the security product has been rigorously tested and offers better security features to your front door.
  • Vandalism and anti social behaviour is also on the rise. Unfortunately your letterbox opening is a prime target for people that want to do you or your property harm. Install a fire resistant self-extinguishing letterbox mailbag that will simultaneously allow you to still receive mail whilst protecting your property from any vandals or arsonists.
  • Anti vandal, anti snap secured by design uPVC letterboxes should be your go to choice when replacing your existing uPVC letterboxes. Install letter plates that have a flap that can be manipulated and opened to 180 degrees to prevent snapping.
  • If you want to take your front door security to the next level why not dismiss a letterbox altogether. Take the vulnerability out of your front door by installing a door without a letter plate opening. Install an outdoor mailbox instead.